Dell Opens Up About Its Linux Efforts And Project Sputnik


Dell’s Barton George has been on a crusade to change how Linux is perceived by both consumers and developers. Six years ago Dell granted George and his team a $40K innovation fund and some freedom to launch a Linux-powered laptop aimed at developers, that would be developed in the open with feedback from the community. This of course became Project Sputnik and began with the outstanding Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition, a laptop designed to “just work” out of the box with Ubuntu. …

The XPS 13 was pivotal in my personal switch to using Linux full-time, but I’m not a developer. I initially received the XPS 13 as a review sample with Windows 10. It ticked all my boxes for being a lightweight machine with a dazzling display to use for writing, research and general everyday use. It became exponentially better once I installed Ubuntu 18.04

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