April 29, 2002

Dell, Oracle expand Linux development partnership

Dell and Oracle today extended their relationship to deliver high-performance database solutions on Linux, with specific plans to build Oracle's next generation database software for Linux using Dell PowerEdge servers and Dell | EMC storage.

This follows a recent report by industry analyst firm D.H. Brown Associates, Inc. that shows the evolution and maturity of the open-source operating system proceeding at a rapid pace. The report, entitled "Linux Strategies and Solutions," cites Dell's combination of products, partnerships and services to support customers migrating from UNIX to Linux make the company a leader in driving Linux further into the enterprise.

"Dell?s enterprise strategy is likely to result in a leadership position for volume, commodity Linux servers based on the company?s ability to deliver high customer satisfaction throughout the ordering, fulfillment and deployment process," said Pierre Fricke, executive vice president, D.H. Brown Associates. "This strategy already has allowed Dell to take the lead on system pricing. The company also is recognized for its Customer Factory Integration services, which offer customers significant value and flexibility in specifying, purchasing and deploying systems."

Integral to Dell's momentum in the Linux market is a focused strategy that includes relationships with software leaders such as Oracle and SAP, and with supercomputer leader Cray Systems.
Dell has worked extensively with Oracle to deliver the first Oracle 9i Database Certified Configuration running Red Hat Linux and the first Oracle clustering certification on Dell | EMC storage. Oracle built its Oracle9i database and Oracle9i Real Application Clusters software on Dell PowerEdge servers and PowerVault storage systems. Together, the companies can provide simplified, cost-effective ways to implement enterprise-level Oracle database solutions on Linux.

"Over the last six months, we have seen a significant increase in interest from our corporate customers for Linux," said Russ Holt, vice president of Dell?s Enterprise Systems Group. "Financial, telecommunication, industrial and other Fortune 500 companies are turning to Dell and Oracle to take advantage of the dramatic cost and performance benefits we can provide with Linux operating systems."

Additional information on Dell Linux solutions is available at www.dell.com/linux.

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