July 26, 2010

Is Dell Wavering In Its Support For Ubuntu?

Among the major PC manufacturers, as we've noted on OStatic a number of times, Dell--the number two player behind Hewlett-Packard--has shown fairly unflinching support for Linux. It has offered Ubuntu, which has steadily become more graphical, more compatible and easier to use, as a pre-loaded option for a long time. The company even drew headlines recently for proclaiming Ubuntu "safer" than Windows from a security standpoint.  Now, though, whether pressure from Microsoft is the explanation or for any number of other reasons, the company appears to be backpedaling from that stance. A look at the company's U.K.-based site shows some questionable positioning of Ubuntu.

According to Dell's U.K. site, users should choose Ubuntu if they do not plan to use Windows, and if they are "interested in open source programming." The site also recommends Windows if "you are new to using computers." Is that a realistic positioning of Ubuntu at this stage of the game? Why doesn't the site note that Ubuntu does steer clear of the vast majority of security concerns that plague Windows, among other advantages it has?

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