February 12, 2008

A Deluge of Facts KOs OOXML (Office Open XML)

Author: JT Smith

Microsoftââ¬â¢s position is hardening as the ISO vote on OOXML (DIS 29500) in Geneva approaches at the end of this month. We know more clearly now how Microsoft and its proxy group, ECMA, will position Microsoftââ¬â¢s OOXML specification in advance of the vote. In short, Microsoft is betting that its influence with National Bodies will allow it to push through a specification which elevates its own interests over that of truly competitive, open international standards. In the end, it will be Microsoftââ¬â¢s own inflexibility that will be its undoing, and that undoing means knocking the OOXML out of approval for ISO status.

Link: Fanaticattack.com


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