December 31, 2001

Demand-printed document collections for Open Source software

Author: JT Smith

Rich Morin writes: "Online documentation is very handy,
but sometimes what you really want is a printed version.
Unfortunately, this tends to involve a lot of work.
Putting together a well organized and nicely bound collection
is even harder.
Not really the best use of your time
and your company's resources...

Prime Time Freeware's new
DOSSIER series
is our answer to this problem.
We locate, select, organize, format, print, and bind
document collections for
Free and
Open Source software.
Because we use mechanized editing and demand printing,
we can cover specialized and fast-moving topics, such as:

Email: Exim 3
Email: Mail and Sendmail

File Systems: FreeBSD Manual Pages

Kernel: FreeBSD Manual Pages

PostgreSQL: Programming and Development
PostgreSQL: Reference Manual
PostgreSQL: Use and Administration

Python: Library Reference
Python: Miscellanea

Text: Manual Pages

DOSSIER collections are
available through

For more information, visit PTF's


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