February 27, 2007

Denmark and Open Standards

Anonymous Reader writes "Those who are following government initiatives to mandate the use of open standards and/or open source will be aware that Europe has been a leading change agent in this area, joining the pioneering work in a similar vein of Massachusetts and Minnesota and, more recently, Texas.  Those that have been following European initiatives closely will also be aware that Denmark has been in the legislative forefront, and that blogger John Gotze has been kind enough to provide English-language commentary and updates on what's been happening there.
Those who wonder whether Microsoft's efforts to gain formal adoption of Office Open XML as a standard will find the following excerpt from a legislative report to be of interest: "With regard to standards for exchanging docments between public authorities, the report proposes that “it should be mandatory to use at least one of the document standards Open Document Format or Office OpenXML”, and that it is up to the individual agency to decide what they want. The report explains that a study will be conducted this year with 'the purpose of obtaining the necessary experience with these standards before 1 January 2008'.""

Link: ConsortiumInfo.org


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