Dennis Ritchie put the C in compiler


Author: JT Smith

“He invented the C programming language. He is one of the co-creators of Unix. He has watched more than one multi-billion dollar industry evolve
around his creations. And still, Dennis Ritchie shows up for work each day in the same Murray Hill, NJ office where he and Ken Thompson first ran
Unix on a Digital Equipment Corp. PDP-7 back in 1969. Why? Well, it’s not just any old company that employs Ritchie. This is Lucent’s Bell Labs
we’re talking about ­ the home of the laser, the place where the transistor first saw life. It’s a pretty exciting work environment, and, as Ritchie is
fond of saying, it’s nice to walk around your office and stumble into things like canisters of liquid helium. It was at his nondescript office, right next
to where Unix was invented, that Ritchie met with Linux Magazine’s Robert McMillan and Adam Goodman.” More at Linux Magazine.


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