October 23, 2001

In-depth with StarOffice filters

Author: JT Smith

LinuxPlanet: "In order to get the answers on why users were experiencing problems with Word filters in OpenOffice Writer, I
decided to go to the source itself and dropped a line to Juergen Pingel, who is the project owner for the word
processor project in OpenOffice. He kindly referred me to Dublin-resident Caolán McNamara who is the filters
developer for Writer.

McNamara answered my questions about what exactly was going on with these issues and even pointed me to
a pretty good document explaining how the overall filtering process works. He did this in favor of giving me a
description of the process himself, which he characterized as" a set of incredibly complex mind-numbing
processes to find text, graphics, and attributes in a Word document to map them to our own document


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