January 11, 2013

Design and Enterprise Open Source

220px-NetworkOperationsStrip away everything you know about your favorite enterprise open source application. Leave everything about it on the table, and ask yourself what the core purpose of the application is. What main function does it perform in your organization? Now, with the answer to that question in your mind, go back to the application and ask a second question: “Why is all this other junk in here?”

A coworker asked me to do a simple task for him the other day. I needed to turn off notifications for a few new servers in Zenoss, so I was going to just set them all into maintenance mode. Except, in the view that held both the list of servers, and a drop down menu that held the menu item I needed there was no way to sort by status. It looked like a regular table, but did not act like one. So, I had to hold down the control key...Read more at Ostatic

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