Designing New Cloud Architectures: Exploring CI/CD – from Data Centre to Cloud


Today, most companies are using continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) in one form or another – and this is of significance due to various reasons:

  • It increases the quality of the code base and the testing of that code base
  • It greatly increases team collaboration
  • It reduces the time in which new features reach the production environment
  • It reduces the number of bugs that in turn reach the production environment

As the DevOps movement becomes more popular, CI/CD does as well, since it is a major component. Not doing CI/CD means not doing DevOps.

From data centre to cloud

After reducing some terms and concepts, it is clear why CI/CD is so important. Since architectures and abstraction levels change when migrating a product from data centre into the cloud, it has become necessary to evaluate what is needed in the new ecosystem for two reasons:

  • To take advantage of what the cloud has to offer, in terms of the new paradigm and the plethora of options
  • To avoid making the mistake of treating the cloud as a data centre and building everything from scratch

Necessary considerations

The CI/CD implementation to use in the cloud must fulfil the majority of the following:

  • Provided as a service: The cloud is XaaS-centric, and avoiding building things from scratch is a must. In the case of building from scratch, if it is a non in-house component, nor a value-added product feature, I would suggest a review of the architecture in addition to a logical business justification

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