November 11, 2003

Desktop Linux advocates to walk before they run

Not many corporations run Linux on their client hardware, but that situation will start to change if the Linux community can
make a business case around the lower costs and greater manageability of enterprise Linux desktop environments, according to speakers at the Desktop
Linux Conference here on Monday.

Linux advocates are trying to convince IT managers to abandon Microsoft Corp.'s licensing fees and security issues in favor of Linux software for the
desktop. The strategy isn't to convert the masses all at once, but rather to explain the advantages of Linux over the Windows operating system for
certain types of companies running certain types of applications.

One of those companies is Capital Cardiology Associates PC, an Albany, New York, provider of medical services. The company needed to upgrade its aging
PC infrastructure and recently decided to roll out a thin-client Linux infrastructure to its 200 employees spread out across four offices, said Dr.
Martin Echt, chief executive officer of the company.


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