October 29, 2003

Desktop Linux backer gets new CEO

Xandros, inheritor of the software from Corel's ill-fated foray into the desktop Linux market, has named a new chief executive and plans to release a
new version of its product in late November.

The Ottawa, Canada-based company's new CEO is Andreas "Andy" Typaldos, who through Linux Global Partners is an early investor in the company and in
related Linux ventures Ximian and CodeWeavers, the company said Tuesday. He also is chairman of Enikia, a semiconductor company for distributing data
over power lines.

Xandros sells a version of Linux geared for the average desktop user. The company plans to release version 2.0 of its software on Nov. 24, said Dave
Finklestein, vice president of sales and marketing for the 35-person company.

Link: zdnet.com


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