April 27, 2006

Desktop Linux nearing 'tipping point' in adoption?

Author: editingwhiz

editingwhiz writes "A perceptive new research report by an East Carolina University graduate student published at DesktopLinux.com examines the growing use of desktop Linux among governments in the U.S. and globally. Drawing on published research and comments from industry analysts, the author hypothesizes that desktop Linux may be nearing a tipping point within government settings, after which adoption can be expected to accelerate.

In the introduction to his paper, author David B. Rankin writes: "The adoption and diffusion of desktop Linux is the U.S. has lagged behind other parts of the world; however, federal, state and local governments in the U.S. are adopting desktop Linux much more than in the private sector. If government adopts desktop Linux, it can have an escalating effect on adoption in the private sector. Industry experts predict that desktop Linux adoption in government in the U.S. will happen in two to five years."

Rankin wrote the paper as an ECU class project for a course on Managing Technological Change."

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