December 19, 2003

Desktop Linux no cost savings, says Barclays CTO

Linux is not a viable desktop proposition for most large organisations because the service issues surrounding it negate any cost savings on licence
fees, according to the CTO of one of the largest IT operations in the world.

In an exclusive interview with, Kevin Lloyd, CTO at bank Barclays, said Linux on the desktop for most companies will be limited to niche
operational areas for many years to come.

"Linux on the desktop - I understand the arguments, I understand the availability of it, but it's not in this organisation and I suspect it would be
some time before you would see it at scale and I don't think you'd ever see it, certainly not in my perspective, on the desktop," he said.

Barclays itself signed a £210m seven-year desktop services deal for 41,700 PCs in the organisation earlier this year as part of plans for the bank to
standardise as an early on adopter on Microsoft's Windows and Office 2003 software products.


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