February 10, 2004

Desktop Productivity and Applications Training

linuxcertified, Inc. writes "SAN JOSE, Calif. LinuxCertified announced a new training program, focusing on Linux desktop productivity and applications. This two-day training on Desktop Linux broadens attendees' horizons with a detailed overview of the operating system and its desktop productivity tools. Students learn how to effectively use a Linux system as their daily work machine and get familiar with the architecture and various components of the operating and desktop applications. They learn both graphical and command line tools, ultimately becoming power users of Linux desktop environments.

The Linux Desktop Productivity and Applications bootcamp is designed for busy professionals and end users with no prior experience with Linux or any other flavor. In addition to carefully designed lecture material delivered by experienced Linux professionals, there is a heavy emphasis on hands-on learning, giving attendees a true grasp of the applications.

"More and more organizations are realizing the benefits of Linux and Open-Source Software on the desktop," said Chander Kant, president of LinuxCertified. "The new Linux Desktop Productivity and Applications training delivers indispensable skills to professionals and students."

This on-site class is available throughout North America. More information is available at:
http://www.linuxcertified.com/linux-desktop-traini ng.html

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