April 19, 2001

Desktop software and its future directions to be debated May 8

Author: JT Smith

From PR Newswire: According to Claudia Porter,
Principal Architect/Engineer and Project Lead for the Open Source Automated
Link Analysis Tool recently developed by Austin Info Systems,
"The greatest obstacle to integrating various desktop software functionalities
is a combination of content labeling, where XML appears to be a promising
solution, and transparent Application Program Interfaces, essential if
we are to achieve 'plug and play' functionality between disparate third party
softwares. An industry commitment, perhaps mandated by legislation, to stable
transparent APIs, is essential to optimizing desktop intelligence software."
On 8 May 2001, in Washington, D.C., Porter will be one of several experts
from the information industry briefing a conference of international
government intelligence professionals looking at future investments in open
source intelligence tools and related content sources.
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