May 20, 2011

Desktop Summit 2011 Conference Program Announced

The program for the 2011 Desktop Summit has been announced. The conference, which combines GNOME's GUADEC and KDE's Akademy, will be held in Berlin, Germany, August 6-12. "The Desktop Summit team welcomes keynote speakers from outside the GNOME and KDE world: confirmed speakers are Claire Rowland (Fjord, UX Design) and Thomas Thwaites (Technologist & Designer), with more to come! There will also be keynote addresses from representatives of both the GNOME and KDE communities. [...] The focus of the conference is collaboration between the Free Desktop projects. This year's conference tracks reflect the shared interests of its community. Just as the Desktop Summit unites the annual conferences of GNOME and KDE, each track similarly includes speakers from both desktop camps."

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