July 7, 2005

Destkop Linux Custom-Build PCs Now at Systemax

Anonymous Reader writes "Systemax Releases First Custom-Build
PCs Pre-Installed with Desktop Linux Operating System

Linspire Linux Computers Now Available Build-To-Order at
TigerDirect.com and Other Major Retailers

SAN DIEGO and PORT WASHINGTON, NY, July 6, 2005 - Systemax,
Inc. (NYSE: SYX) and Linspire, Inc. today released the first
customizable Systemax desktop PC pre-installed with the Linspire
desktop Linux operating system. The Systemax Venture L335 System is
outfitted with top-quality components, including an Intel Celeron D
processor, 40GB hard drive, CD-ROM and 256MB of RAM, plus keyboard,
speakers and mouse. The Systemax Venture L335 is available for $299.99
direct to consumers at TigerDirect.com and GlobalComputer.com. Systemax
also offers the machine to retailers for custom configuration and
in-store resale; VARs and resellers have the same configuration options
via Infotel Distributors at InfotelUSA.com. For more information about
the system or to purchase, please visit www.linspire.com/systemax.

"Most people buy computers, not operating systems," said Kevin Carmony,
president and CEO of Linspire, Inc. "It's important that people can
experience Linux without having to install it themselves. The success
of companies like Dell shows that people want to buy affordable
computers direct from the manufacturer but be able to configure the
system to fit their exact needs. Now people can enjoy the same benefits
of buying custom-build PCs with Linux. This new Systemax machine
delivers a turnkey experience for those wanting the power, stability
and affordability of Linux without the additional work involved of
installing an operating system."

"Our customers have asked for lower-cost PCs without having to
sacrifice functionality or performance," added Richard Wallet,
Executive Vice President for Systemax Manufacturing. "Linspire's
desktop Linux operating system meets this demand, giving customers the
easy-to-use, powerful desktop they want in a cost-effective, completely
customizable machine."

Outfitted with the Linspire operating system (including full
Microsoft-compatible office suite, e-mail and IM clients, media players
and photo manager) and high-performance components, the powerful
Systemax Venture PC is a complete system on its own. However, consumers
or retailers can also choose to customize the system to fit their
individual needs. The Systemax Build-To-Order systems offer literally
millions of combinations - consumers and retailers can choose to
upgrade the hard drive, add memory or choose more components for
improved audio or video. For more information about components or to
purchase the Systemax Venture L335 with Linspire, visit www.linspire.com/systemax.

Features and Benefits of the Linspire Linux Operating System

  • Complete operating system: Includes integrated office
    suite, Web browser, e-mail client, instant messenger, and more
  • Secure and virus-safe: New built-in VPN; new encrypted
    "wallet" for storing passwords and other personal information;
    pre-configured firewall; enhanced virus resistance with optional
    VirusSafe service
  • Thousands of free software programs: Software available
    through Linspire's exclusive CNR Warehouse software library (www.linspire.com/cnrservice),
    including games, accounting, media, graphics and more
  • Advanced hardware support: Easy plug and play support for
    removable media use; one-step diagnostic reporting; sound system with
    real-time mixing support
  • Exclusive look and feel: Graphical user interface and
    themed Linspire environment; enhanced and expanded voice-narrated
    "How-To" tutorials
  • Advanced Internet optimization: New Hot Words integrated
    search feature; built-in automatic spell checking in all Web
    applications including in email, Web browser and instant messenger;
    built-in BitTorrent support; new AOL dialer
  • Advanced features: Lsongs Music Manager and Lphoto Photo
    Manager; RealPlayer 10; PhoneGaim Instant Messenger with free
    long-distance phone calls
  • Expanded support for popular Internet, office and media file
    Supports QuickTime, Windows Media, Flash, Java, Real,.doc,.xls,.ppt,.mp3,.pdf,.mpg, etc. (complete list of supported
    filetypes at www.linspire.com/filetypes)

Specifications of the new Systemax Venture L335 include:

  • Tower form factor
  • Intel Celeron D 2.8GHz processor
  • 256MB of fast DDR 333MHz PC2700 RAM
  • 40GB capacity
  • CD-ROM drive
  • Integrated audio with 2 external speakers
  • Integrated AGP graphics
  • Integrated 10/100Mbps Ethernet Adapter for quick network
    connection speeds

The Systemax Venture L335 is available direct to consumers for $299.99
at www.linspire.com/systemax.
Retailers who are interested in purchasing and customizing this system
for direct sale in their stores should contact Systemax for more
information or to place an order. VARs or resellers interested in the
machine should visit www.InfotelUSA.com.

About Linspire, Inc.

Linspire, Inc. (www.linspire.com)
was founded in 2001 to bring choice into the operating system market.
The company's flagship product, the Linspire operating system, is an
affordable, easy-to-use Linux-based operating system for home, school,
and business users. Linspire pioneered CNR (click and run) Technology,
which allows Linspire users to download and install thousands of
software programs with just one mouse click. The more than 2,000
software titles available in the CNR Warehouse (www.linspire.com/cnrservice)
include full office and productivity suites, games, multimedia players,
photo management software, accounting tools, and more.

About Systemax Inc.

Systemax Inc. (www.systemax.com)
utilizes an integrated system of branded e-commerce Web sites,
direct-mail catalogs and relationship marketers to sell PC hardware,
related computer products and industrial products in North America and
Europe. Systemax is a Fortune 1000 company.

For further information, please contact:

Steven M. Goldschein
Systemax Inc.

Heather MacKenzie
Linspire, Inc.
858-587-6700, ext. 263
858-587-8095 Fax

Forward-Looking Statements

This press release contains forward-looking statements about Systemax's
(the "Company's") performance. These statements are based on
management's estimates, assumptions and projections and are not
guarantees of future performance. The Company assumes no obligation to
update these statements. Actual results may differ materially from
results expressed or implied in these statements as the result of
risks, uncertainties and other factors including, but not limited to:
(a) unanticipated variations in sales volume, (b) economic conditions
and exchange rates, (c) actions by competitors, (d) the continuation of
key vendor relationships, (e) the ability to maintain satisfactory loan
agreements with lenders, (f) risks associated with the delivery of
merchandise to customers utilizing common carriers, (g) the operation
of the Company's management information systems, and (h) unanticipated
legal and administrative proceedings. Please refer to the Forward
Looking Statements section contained in Item 7 of the Company's Form
10-K for a more detailed explanation of the inherent limitations in
such forward-looking statements.

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Link: linspire.com

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