November 16, 2003

Deutsche Bank: SCO May Sue Corporate End Users Soon After All --Decatur Jones: So?

Brian Skiba of Deutsche Bank has put out another SCO report, "Four Reasons Why This Story Remains Compelling NOW" and he is predicting that SCO will "finalize" financial arrangements with Boies shortly and then they will open up a new campaign front and start suing corporate end users, maybe as soon as the end of the month. Boies isn't getting paid enough already? Or were the earlier stories floated in the press just hype? Now they are finalizing arrangements? I thought they told us and the SEC they did that already. Who knows where the truth lies with these people, no pun intended.

Should there be such "high profile" legal moves, Skiba writes, the stock could pick up nicely, because he says there has been "a relative dearth of news flow over the past several months". He's marking on a curve, evidently. Note also the disclaimer at the end:

"Deutsche Bank and/or its affiliates(s) makes a market in securities issued by the following companies(s): SCO Group, Inc. (The)."

Oh. No agenda there, then.



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