Developing a Regression Testing Strategy


Teams working in agile test each new function during the release cycle, maybe do some light poking the day before shipping, and then give the thumbs up. Alternately, they just do nothing and software still ships. There is a better way to approach this problem; develop a regression testing strategy.

Why You Should Develop a Regression Testing Strategy
Every new software change introduces the potential for new problems. A user might get a new web page and submit a date format the programmer wasn’t expecting. In return, that user gets an error on the page explaining things they might not understand or even care about, data loss, and browser crashes. These risks are easy to imagine and are where feature testing during a sprint shines. A tester can perform these scenarios, discover the problems, and report them. Programmers can come back over the code to fix the problems, and then build automated checks that run with the build so the team finds out fast when they emerge again.

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