February 14, 2003

Development Progress Motivates Little Blue Box Group

Chicago IL, February 12th, 2003
Today, the makers of the revolutionary Little Blue Box (the LBB), network email appliance
announced an expanded reseller opportunity for traditional VAR resellers and OEMs of
business class servers.

A "Blue Box" is a gadget that does something so cool and so cheap, that it is probably or maybe
should be illegal. Reminiscent of the blue box gadgets of the 1960's, the Little Blue Box group
brings you the latest version of the Little Blue Box,and its goal to replace the very need for
the existence of Microsoft Exchange Server.

The LBB has been quietly enhanced and has reached a level of
functionality and reliability; so that the developers are now comfortable expanding and
diversifying opportunities for VARs and OEMs to take advantage of their development efforts.
This continued development success is a tribute to both the development team, as well as the
LBB Groups Best Bang for the Buck FIFO design & manufacturing philosophy. This philosophy
assures the best available parts for the manufacturing budget dollar, and gives the end user
a very powerful little server.

To celebrate reaching their benchmark, effective immediately LBB is now offering two programs
for reseller opportunities.

The first program is for traditional VAR resellers and is a program based upon selling complete
turnkey email server appliances that will scale up to a couple thousand users for under $1,000.00
Manufacturer Suggested List Price. The VAR program offer surprisingly high markups for a hardware
focused product. Plus, the LBB Group suggests many opportunities for enhanced revenue based
upon VAR value added services.

The second opportunity is for OEMs both small and large. This program is based upon adding the
Little Blue Box serverware build to OEM computer systems. This second program is the long
term goal of the LBB development group. LBB has no desire to be in the system building
business for the long term,and hopes this program will build relationship that will
allow LBB to focus on their primary business model, providing Secondary MX and RPM services
as a subscription based service.

Further, the OEM opportunity would be an ideal way for OEM channel managers to offer an
OEMs VAR distribution channel a simple product that could both, enhance sales opportunities
and increase revenues with very little investment or risk. Further, unlike Microsoft Exchange
Server getting more expensive by adding users, there is no additional cost to scaling
up to thousands of users per box deployed; other than the $200.00 per year subscription for
MX and RPM services. In this business model, the kind of impact experienced a few weeks ago
by the slammer world, would have been significantly reduced and most probably eliminates for
users of LBB technology. In a configuration such as a rack full of Proliant
DL-580's; the potential is there to scale up to 10s of thousands of users with software costs
being a nil line item. The LBB is indeed The Exchange Killer.

The only thing asked of OEMs by the LBB Group is that the software remain co-branded, the OEM
VARs will include the first years MX and RPM subscription fee along with the system sale, and
grant LBB the opportunity to renew the subscription each subsequent year.

For more information about the Little Blue Box, their Bang for the Buck manufacturing design,
or the new reseller opportunities, check out the web site at
http://www.littlebluebox.com. Then email for additional reseller information.

To Contact Little Blue Box

1286 Meyer CT
Naperville, IL 60564

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Little Blue Box is a trademark of IBSS, Inc
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