July 31, 2001

DevHelp 1.0

Author: JT Smith

The initial release of DevHelp, a GNOME-based documentation system for developers, was announced today. Complete details below.
The initial release of DevHelp, 0.1.0 is now available.

DevHelp is GNOME based documentation system for developers.
Cool technologies such as Bonobo, GnomeVFS, Gnome-print, GtkHTML used
and therefor required.

Tree & function indexing API docs in XML
HTML viewer (GtkHTML).
Search by function, struct, macro etc.
Auto completion.
Transparent HTTP support powered by GnomeVFS.
Commandline search powered by bonobo, with nice emacs integration.
Simple installer for books.
Print support.
5 zoom levels.

DevHelp can be downloaded gnome cvs (module devhelp) or from:

And required books from:

DevHelp Team (Johan, Mikael, Richard)
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