DevOps Is the Secret Ingredient to Make Microservices Cook


The skill in DevOps is not being a great chef, but a great manager: Managing the waiters, the hot window, the prep chefs, and the money, all from a vantage point above the floor, with full visibility of the entire chain of processes, products, and people.

In the microservices world, this means it’s generally DevOps’ duty to set up all of the infrastructure required to build out at-scale environments. That means Web application servers, registries and repositories, OS and container images, virtualized networking, firewalls, load balancers, message queues, and reverse proxies. It’s also up to the DevOps team to support new technologies demanded by the development teams: HTTP2GRPC, and reliable SSL. …

Today, we know that stateful and stateless applications can both happily coexist in the cloud, but the actual day-to-day work of managing that data isn’t always easy. Georgi Matev, head of product at Kasten, said that, “What we are seeing is that data is following the same pattern as we’ve seen on the compute side. As things break into smaller and more logically sized components, the same makes sense on the data side.”

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