DevOps Training for Network Engineers


Linux Foundation training has announced a new course designed to provide network engineers with the skills necessary to start applying DevOps practices and leverage their expertise in a DevOps environment.

In the new DevOps for Network Engineers course, you’ll learn how to navigate your role in the CI/CD cycle, find common ground, and use key tools to contribute effectively in areas like connectivity, network performance tuning, security, and other aspects of network management within a DevOps environment.

Network automation is becoming the standard in data centers, with major implications for network engineers. This online, self-paced course will help you become familiar with the tools needed to integrate your skills into the DevOps/Agile process.

Course highlights include:

  • How to integrate into a DevOps/Agile environment

  • Commonly used DevOps tools

  • How DevOps teams collaborate on projects

  • How to confidently work with software and configuration files in version control

  • How to confidently apply Agile principles in an organization

Learn more about the DevOps for Network Engineers course now.