April 25, 2002

D.H. Brown reports IBM's Linux leadership

In a recent report, D.H Brown Associates,
Inc. found that IBM displays the broadest product line with Linux®
offerings across Intel® processor-based, RISC processor-based, and
mainframe servers.
The report, Linux Strategies and Solutions ... Linux Suppliers Contend
for Leadership, compares Linux strategies, products, offerings, and
services available from major system vendors and rates IBM as an
industry leader, highlighting IBM's comprehensive Linux strategy and
crediting the company with bringing Linux to the enterprise.

"IBM's Linux strategy is very strong in most key areas studied. Indeed,
IBM has been instrumental in enabling and driving the Linux market to
its present success," said Pierre Fricke, executive vice president, D.H.
Brown Associates, Inc.

The report analyzes IBM, Compaq, Dell, HP, and Sun in the key areas of
vendor positioning, product line breadth, system pricing, value added,
services and support, applications focus and Linux community

IBM received the highest ranking of differentiation and leadership in
most of these key areas, with the D.H. Brown report noting IBM's
comprehensive Linux offerings. "IBM has developed a comprehensive Linux
strategy including all elements from hardware and software through
services and partner programs," said Fricke.

"In the three years since IBM has embraced Linux, we have worked with
our customers and the open source community to meet the evolving needs
of our customers and the industry," said Steve Solazzo, vice president,
Linux, IBM. "IBM is in the unique position to offer our customers a
total solution on Linux through our hardware, software and services."

DH Brown gave IBM the highest rating of leadership in the following

  • Vendor Positioning - IBM is recognized for its broad strategies and
    its aggressive pursuit of new market segments with Linux.
  • Product Line Breadth - "IBM displays the broadest product line with
    Linux offerings across Intel processor-based, RISC processor-based, and
    mainframe servers."
  • Applications Focus - "IBM's strategy calls for expanding the
    application base on Linux and establishes IBM as a leader enabling that
    transition for ISVs."
  • Linux Community Leadership - "IBM employs the largest contingent of
    open source programmers and projects as evidenced by the breadth of
    activity in its Linux Technology Center."
  • Services and Support - IBM is recognized for its multi-vendor
    technical support and service offerings as superior examples of
    leadership support programs.
  • Value Added Hardware differentiation, software portfolio, and
    migration services - "IBM has developed significant hardware
    value-added. IBM's software portfolio covers nearly the entire
    middleware solution space and has been ported to Linux."

About IBM

IBM is the world's number one server company and information technology
provider, with 80 years of leadership in helping businesses innovate.
IBM helps customers, business partners and developers in a wide range of
industries that leverage the power of the Internet for e-business. For
more information, visit http://www.ibm.com

IBM is a registered trademark of International Business Machines
Corporation. Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. Intel is
a registered trademark of Intel Corporation.


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