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Diary: Enterprise Linux Forum Conference and Expo

Cpl Laque writes “After hopping on the commuter rail to Boston and negotiating the “T”, I arrived at the Marriott. I picked up my early bird registration badge(read: free) along with a plastic bag, list of sponsors, and a schedule(Paying customers got a canvas bag).”

First impressions: Lots of big-wig executive types making me feel under dressed in my sweater and denim, but then I saw John “Mad Dog” Hall and realized I may be over dressed.

Matt Szulik(CEO, Redhat) opened the conference up with a call to arms against the DMCA and drawing parallels between our current situation and the Boston Tea Party. Overall I give him a A-, he did a good job bringing the corporate elite up to speed on issues that matter to slashdot:P.

The floor show had a few nice displays of clustering technology and other enterprise level applications. The blade servers from Esenera were impressive,as well as those from NEC and Eclipse. The biggest disappointments: Dell, IBM, and NetworksA-OK all running MS Laptops. Most obnoxious: The german guy from Suse telling me I can’t have a free copy of Suse 8.1 Pro until tommorrow.

Biggest Turn-ons: Talking to Hot Ch1X0r5 about compiling the kernel on Gentoo.

Biggest Gains: I do have a fine collection of pens now.


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