February 14, 2002

Digi International launches secure console management product line

Author: JT Smith

Digi International*, Inc.
(Nasdaq: DGII), the leader in Connectware, has introduced the new
PortServer CM*, a product line focused on the demanding requirements
of data center managers.

The PortServer CM enables system administrators to monitor and control
IT equipment such as Unix and Linux servers, routers, network
switches, intelligent power supplies and telephone switches, through
industry standard serial console ports. Administrators can securely
monitor and control any mix of connected devices from anywhere on the
corporate network, including standard TCP/IP connections over Ethernet
LANs or dial-up modem connections.

The PortServer CM provides the highest level of security available for
serial console connections. Using Secure Shell (SSH v2), a robust,
standards-based security interface, PortServer CM protects against
unauthorized data monitoring (also known as "sniffing") and provides
access to approved users on a per port basis. PortServer CM's Sun
Safe feature protects against any unintentional break signals
affecting Sun servers.

The PortServer CM also provides a detailed Console History Log that
tracks minute-by-minute audit trails and can be used by network
managers as a diagnostic tool to avoid potential loss of
mission-critical data.

Packaged in a slim 1U, 32 port design, the PortServer CM is designed
to be rack-mounted with servers for better co-location with network
hardware. PortServer CM comes with Digi International's
industry-leading service and support.

"PortServer CM addresses a rapidly-growing market for secure, reliable
console management solutions," said Burk Murray, vice president of
marketing for Digi International. "As new technologies emerge and
network infrastructures rapidly expand, we'll continue to enhance the
functionality and flexibility of our console management product line
to meet evolving market demands."

Joe Dunsmore, president and CEO of Digi International, said, "The new
PortServer CM is consistent with our Connectware strategy, and one
more example of how we are helping customers reduce costs and more
efficiently manage their business through advanced connectivity

According to a recent report entitled " Connectware: Network-Enabling
the Next Generation of Intelligent Devices" by William R. Becklean, an
analyst at Commerce Capital Markets, "We estimate the market for
'connectware'... will increase to approximately $1.0 billion by the
middle of this decade.... Terminal servers historically represented
about 25% of the total [connectware] market but this figure appears to
be increasing rapidly as a result of growth in the console server

About Digi International
Digi International, based in Minneapolis, is the leader in
Connectware, wired and wireless, hardware and software connectivity
solutions that businesses use to create, customize and control retail
operations, industrial automation and other applications. Digi markets
its products through a global network of distributors and resellers,
systems integrators and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

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