September 11, 2001

Digi-photos of burning tower from Manhattan resident

Author: JT Smith

"The first blast jolted me out of bed!!!! My apartment shook and I heard all these people on the street screaming. Dashed outside - Armageddon??? WTC on fire! Both towers! I watched
them burning from the Williamsburg Bridge. Unsure why - no one around me spoke english! Run back inside my apartment no phone - all TV stations static - cell doesn't work - modem
does - weird - quickly listen to news on my little battery operated transistor alarm clock radio. Terrorists! Hear first tower COLLAPSED right outside my window - freak! On radio - radio
news people are freaking out. - run outside with my bike and camera. Everyone I see on the street is saying shit like "Oh my f***ing God!" - everyone is in weird shock. No one is not
effected." Photos and more commentary at


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