digiKam Artwork Contest

Theobroma writes “digiKam and KDE-Look.org are teaming up to have a contest for the best new
Superimpose Templates to be included in digiKam’s next release!

digiKam is a digital photo management application for KDE. With their new
Superimpose Templates you can make it look as though you have
gone to exotic places without leaving the comfort of your cubical. You can
create those totally killer Christmas cards that you get from all your friends
that you keep on your fridge because they make you look so popular. Now you
to can have the body of (fill in the blank) without those confusing gym
memberships and flash backs of high school gym locker rooms.

digiKam’s Image Editor now has a new plugin to use PNG template files
containing borders, frames, and composite images that can be added to or
superimposed on other images hence the name Superimpose Templates. The
currently selected image acts as a background and the templates can then be
selected and overlaid on the image. You will be able to see the image
underneath the transparent areas of the template. These templates can be
created using paint programs such as The Gimp or Inkscape.  

With this new Superimpose feature you can create some great images including
photocards. There is a screenshot
of this plugin in action on the Superimpose
Templates section of digiKam’s manual
. Download the latest version of DigiKam and the
plugin pack
to experience this and many more of digiKam’s awesome new features.  

The categories for this contest are:
Special events or Holidays – birthday, new baby, Christmas
Places – towns, monuments, nature scenes
Hobbies – sports, computers, etc.

The 1st place entry will win a 256MB Digital Memory card and a cool new
t-shirt from Revelinux Gear and
the top two entries from each category will be included in the next release
of digiKam.

Our contest is open to all artists. For more details see our contests

To check out the latest
visit kde-look.org.

This contest will end on March 28th 2005, so make sure you stop by.”

Link: kde-look.org