March 25, 2005

Digital Cameras

Anonymous Reader writes "One thing is for sure: digital cameras are no longer designed just for photos. Todayâs cams can play MP3-s, send e-mails, voice-record, store other data, can capture and play audio and video streams from the Internet. Shortly, they can do almost anything. But besides digital cameras, which may have a variety of functions, some other devices can now take snapshots. You can now make pictures using your mobile phone, your MP3 player, your PDA, and probably in the near future you will also be able to use refrigerators and cars for this purpose.

Besides jokes, the mobile phones are a serious threat to digital cameras, since their pricing falls while their quality boosts. The number of mobile phones integrating digital cameras sold in the USA only reached 21 million pieces.

During 2004, 150 million such phones were sold, that is almost a quarter of all mobile phones sold. Picture quality is still poor, but mobile phone manufacturers recently began integrating 2-, 4- and even 7-megapixel cameras. Considering a 55% annual growth rate over 656 million phones will be available on the market in 2008, ready to take any pictures anywhere and anyhow."


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