August 24, 2001

Digital diversity redux

Author: JT Smith

"Homogeneity breeds some simple things. For one, the perception that things are better for Joe Public. With the
homogeneity of today, argue the clueless people in Microsoft's favor, Joe Public has it easy. He doesn't have to
worry about software incompatibility. He can select software down at the local Best Buy without having to worry much
about whether or not it will work with his system. Better still, they argue, Microsoft bundles software with the operating
system, making Joe Public's life that much easier. But homogeneity, especially when it occurs due to a monopoly, tends to encourage extreme security problems. One
little hole, and the effects can be enormous. Look at the damage wrought by ILOVEYOU or SirCam, and you will see
the long term effects. "


  • Linux
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