DigitalOcean Launches Block Storage Service for Storage-Hungry Cloud Users


Responding from strong customer demand, DigitalOcean is expanding its range of cloud infrastructure services by adding a new block storage offering. The service will use solid state drives (SSD), and will cost $0.10/GB per month, with no additional costs for data ingest or egress. The block storage will be accessible through DigitalOcean droplets, the OS-based virtual machines that are the company’s core offering. Each SSD volume can hold between 1GB and 16TB.

DigitalOcean “originally started with individual developers building websites and simple solutions,” said Julia Austin, who recently joined DigitalOcean as chief technology officer, explaining the new offering. “What we are now seeing from our customer base is more sophisticated use of the productSaaS applications, full applications, with their own customer bases. We’re addressing that, trying to provide everything they need to run their businesses.”

Initially, DigitalOcean’s new York and San Francisco regions will offer the service, with Frankfurt to follow shortly. 

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