April 18, 2006

The Dire Wolf of Litigation

Chuck Talk writes "I know that there are those that think that Microsoft lost several patent infringement cases recently, but viewed from a different perspective - they could yet have their revenge. I know this is speculation, but hear this thought process out and see what you think before you leap to a conclusion of how to perceive their "losses" in court. Microsoft is not known for doing anything it does not want to do. Take their "Loss" in the US Antitrust case - I'd call that their victory, because the penalties amounted to naught - the company has not changed in any substantial fashion. We can also see that they are fighting the European Commission on their threats of daily fines of $2.4 Million USD. When the company wants a fight, it hangs tough and keeps up the fight until it wears down its opponents if it believes it suits their own business goals (read the perception: world dominance for Microsoft software)."

Link: orangecrate.com


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