July 27, 2006

On-Disk.com Donations and Big Developer Payouts

Karlie Robinson writes "The On-Disk.com Developers Portal Celebrates First Anniversary with Donations and Big Payouts.

The Developers Portal generated over $3,000 for independent software and digital media developers in it's first 10 months of operations. While the August 1 anniversary will be marked with donations to the Free Software Foundation and the Open Source Initiative.

Rochester, NY, July 24, 2006 – With August 1, 2006 marking the On-Disk.com Developers Portal first anniversary, Webpath Technologies, today announced it will mark the occasion by donating $1 to both the Free Software Foundation and the Open Source Initiative for every disc ordered on August 1.

“The anniversary donations are an extension of our commitment to successful independent and open source projects,” says, Karlie Robinson, Owner, Webpath Technologies. “It's one thing to lead with good will, it's another to put our time and money where our mouth is.”

To quickly understand how On-Disk.com and it's anniversary donations have and will continue to effect Independent thinking, just one Fedora Core 5 CD set will generate $6 for both FSF and OSI and will include a Sponsorship for someone on the Fedora Free Media waiting list.

Webpath's commitment has not only been demonstrated through $3,056.37 in payouts via the Developers Portal in the first 10 months of operations. But by problem solving and getting involved whenever possible.

“Working with Karlie and Todd at On-Disk.com has been an absolute joy,” says Bill “Texstar” Reynolds, Developer of PCLinuxOS. “They act more like a business partner than a simple disk duplication service. The quality of their work is outstanding.”

The dollar amount already generated for the projects, indicates there will be even more to give in our second year,” says, Karlie Robinson. “Add on the donations, and we'll have a head start for another successful year.” /###/

About Webpath Technologies:

Based in Suburban Rochester, NY, USA, Webpath Technologies is a privately owned and operated Internet and computer services company. It has been an ongoing project since 1998 exploring viable alternative solutions to mainstream Internet marketing, information access, and on-line presence practices.

Media Contact
Karlie Robinson

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