August 9, 2005 Helps Open Source Software Developers

Karlie Robinson writes "Rochester, NY – Webpath Technologies, today, announced the launch of the Developers Portal. Found at the Developers Portal allows Small and Open Source software developers to raise much needed money by offering their users a professional grade software CD or DVD.

Many Developers work for years to perfect their product only to find that they can't cover the basic development costs. Servers, bandwidth and equipment can get expensive fast. At the Developers Portal, every software release listed has the potential to offset those costs and contribute to further development.

While some Burn-on-Demand services take profit only for themselves, the Developers Portal allows the software creator to choose how much each disk will earn for the project. Even if the developers choose not to price their disks to earn income, they are still able to see significant savings on bandwidth expenses while their distribution remains at normal levels.

Software developers are encouraged to view the Product Pricing Outline found at for details on how can help fund their projects.

In business since 1999, Webpath Technologies strives to merge cutting edge technology with basic solutions to meet customer needs in the most cost effective way. Building Web Server and Internet sites that work flawlessly together, because they were built together."

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