January 2, 2004

Dissecting the Propaganda of Fear

Chuck Talk writes "I have recently been reading commentary from writers who seem to be under the impression that freedom is a bad thing. They have chosen to place their collective blinders on and tow the party line by using the tried and tiresome argument that free software cannot succeed. It s a simple-minded exercise in prevarication, and they have performed a great disservice to their readers by choosing to ignore the meaning of free in the sense of free software. It refers to freedom, not price. that argument, then you have been fooled by the party line. The authors have shown their disrespect for their audience by failing to give you the facts. They are, to put it quite bluntly, saying that you are too stupid to see past their arguments.

They are simply using the very tried and true tactics of propaganda.

First among the bag of tricks is the tactic of fear through name-calling. If the argument lacks substance then the hack will utilize simple propaganda tricks to distract you. There are several examples of this that anyone within the open source community can see for themselves, as the terms being used are so blatantly designed to stir anger: crunchie, terrorist, zealot, cancer, viral, and even communist."

Link: orangecrate.com

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