January 20, 2006

Distribution Release: VLOS 1.2.1 released

Reynaldo writes "The developers of VLOS (formerly Vidalinux Desktop OS) have released an updated version of their user-friendly distribution based on Gentoo Linux: "VLOS 1.2.1 is an updated version of VLOS 1.2, including a lot of changes: new Anaconda version updated to FC5 Test1 with X.Org 7.0, LVM2 and RAID partition support, GCC 4.0.1, glibc 2.3.5, GNOME 2.12.1, faster installation, enhanced auto-mounting of external devices in GNOME, WiFi radar now included, and much more. For the moment, AMD64 and i686 are available, but PPC will be available soon too. Go grab the full version edition in our store or the download edition from the download section." Read the release announcement and changelog for further details. Quick links to the torrent files: vlos-1.2.1-download_i686.iso (699MB), vlos-1.2.1-download_amd64.iso (676MB)."

Link: desktop.vidalinux.com

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