October 24, 2001

The distribution we need

Author: JT Smith

Commentary from LinuxPlanet: "The spring round of upgrades promises to be even better, with KDE-3.0, 3.01, or 3.1, Qt-3.x, KOffice
with good filters and WYSIWIG, a new and improved version of StarOffice, the latest barely functional
Mozilla, and whatever the GNOMEs are doing, which should be 2.0 or better. (No, this is not a flame
against GNOME -- I'm simply not following all that closely what they're up to -- so hold your water.)

And recent events cause me to think that by spring someone will have produced a hyper-secure Linux.
Not that goofy H-P idea of a secure Linux for, what, $3,000, but plain old Linux, only tight as can be."


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