March 27, 2001

Distro reviews: WinLinux2000 and KRUD

Author: JT Smith

Avatar writes "Hard are work as always, Evil3D is happy to announce two new Linux distro reviews have been posted today.

First up is WinLinux 2000, a FAT based distro with a Windows based config tool.

"After all my bantering over Linux this and Linux that, have you gotten the urge to try it out yet? So what is holding you back? The rumors of partitioning hell? The fear of losing your ability to use precious Windows? Well check this out; WinLinux 2000 may be just what you're looking for... or not."

Next in line is KRUD, which is a subscription style distro.

"Ah KRUD. No, that is not some poor slang from '50s TV or an expression of exasperation. KRUD is the acronym for Kevin Red Hat Uber Distribution. Yet another Red Hat rip off? Kevin certainly doesn't think so. He originally created it to help himself out during mass installations, and later decided to share it with the rest of the world."



  • Linux
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