Diversity Empowerment Summit Features Stories from Individual Persistence to Industry-wide Change


Last week at The Linux Foundation’s first Diversity Empowerment Summit we heard from so many amazing speakers about how they are working to improve diversity in the tech industry.

Leaders from companies including Comcast, DreamWorks, IBM, Rancher Labs, Red Hat and many others recounted their own personal struggles to fit in and advance as women and minorities in tech. And they gave us sage advice and practical tips on what women, minorities, and their allies can do to facilitate inclusion and culture change in open source and the broader tech community.

The stories they told were inspiring. They spoke passionately of individual challenges and perseverance, brave acts that raise awareness, and a broad range of initiatives they are undertaking to inspire and create industry-wide change.

Finding success as a woman in tech

Munira Tayabji, a developer and digital supervisor of technology at DreamWorks, spoke about how she overcame the discrimination and alienation she faced as a woman and a minority studying computer science to find a successful career in film animation.  

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