March 22, 2001

dLoo introduces the 'Word Model' technology

Author: JT Smith

dLoo writes: "dLoo's word model couples grammar rules, data, and methods together in the same way that the object model couples data and method. As explained in "The Word Model," a paper released by the company today, this coupling eliminates the side effects of integrating different syntaxes with each other. Because words encapsulate grammar rules, data, and methods, they make possible the rich integration of both the syntax and the semantics of different domains of knowledge.

The word model is important because it increases the number of problems that computer scientists can solve. Most problem solving involves the integration of multiple domains of knowledge. As detailed in the paper dLoo released yesterday, "Natural Programming and Integration," it has traditionally been difficult to build software that integrates multiple domains. This is because the creation of semantic relationships between different pieces of software creates undesirable side effects.

The word model is not theoretical; it is already incorporated in BlueBox, a word-oriented natural language browser developed by dLoo. BlueBox will bring thousands of open source applications previously available only to Linux users to Windows and the Macintosh. A raw version of BlueBox will be available at by Monday, March 26th. An official development release will be made by the end of April.

"The Word Model" is the second in a series of five papers that have been created by dLoo to explain its new technologies. The remaining three papers will be released over the next ten days. dLoo welcomes community involvement and feedback to further develop and refine these papers."

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