July 19, 2003

Do you prefer different Operating Systems on your desktop and server?

I intended to blog about the $800 TDV Vision Tablet PC reported by The Register and wonder outloud how it might be as a cheap Linux slate device. But, then it occured to me. Unless two fell from the sky free of charge, I would keep Windows XP on the box because most of my favorite office/home tools (vs. developer tools) run on the Windows XP side of my world. I just happen to have a preference for JASC PaintShop Pro, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Visio, and the still-in-beta Microsoft OneNote. I have OpenOffice 1.1RC, GIMP, and Dia installed too. But, I just find the commercial products suit me better for those office tasks.

Link: www.onlamp.com


  • Linux
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