Docker Enterprise Edition 2.0 Launches With Secured Kubernetes


After months of development effort, Kubernetes is now fully supported in the stable release of the Docker Enterprise Edition.

Docker Inc. officially announced Docker EE 2.0 on April 17, adding features that have been in development in the Docker Community Edition (CE) as well as enhanced enterprise grade capabilities. Docker first announced its intention to support Kubernetes in October 2017. With Docker EE 2.0, Docker is providing a secured configuration of Kubernetes for container orchestration.

“Docker EE 2.0 brings the promise of choice,” Docker Chief Operating Officer Scott Johnston told eWEEK. “We have been investing heavily in security in the last few years, and you’ll see that in our Kubernetes integration as well.”

Docker EE 2 provides support for Docker’s own Swarm container orchestration system as well. Among the key security features in Swarm is the concept of mutually authenticated TLS (Transport Layer Security),…

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