March 4, 2016

Docker Steps into Large-Scale Container Orchestration with Conductant Purchase

Containers are revolutionizing software development, with Docker blazing a trail for not only working with containers at scale, but how applications are shipped, built, and tested. With the rise of container-based solutions, Docker developed cluster-management software Docker Swarm to those working with containers in the enterprise.

On Thursday, Docker took the next step in addressing container orchestration at scale, announcing that it has acquired Conductant, a company that was in the process of building out the Apache Aurora container orchestration software. Aurora is based, at least in its general architecture, on the Borg software, built by Google to manage its own container operations. 

...Since Thursday’s announcement, Docker is wasting no time in coming up with ideas for how to integrate Aurora into Docker—Particularly Docker Swarm. With Aurora and Docker Swarm as part of one’s infrastructure, enterprises could manage microservices with the power of both platforms. As such, this will provide stability, ease of deployment, and much more to Docker users.

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