March 1, 2004

Dolphin SCI Socket Software Delivers Record Breaking Latency

Dolphin Interconnect today announced that the SCI Socket version 1.0 software library is now available to
customers for high-performance computing applications interconnected with Dolphin SCI adapters. SCI Socket enables standard Berkley sockets to use the
Scalable Coherent Interface (SCI) as a transport medium with its high bandwidth and extremely low latency.

"This is the lowest latency socket solution available today," said Hugo Kohmann, CTO for Dolphin Interconnect. "SCI Socket opens new high-performance
possibilities for a broad range of networking applications."

Dolphin has benchmarked a completed one byte socket send/socket receive latency at 2.27 microseconds, which corresponds to more than 203,800 roundtrip
transactions per second. Benchmarks using Netperf also show more than 255 MBytes (2,035 Megabits/s) sustained throughput using standard TCP STREAM
sockets. The SCI Socket software uses Dolphin's SISCI API as its transport and most of the communication takes place in user space, avoiding
time-consuming system calls and networking protocols. SCI remote memory access provides a fast and reliable connection.



  • Linux
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