Don’t Be Evil Means Don’t Be Evil

Article Source Linux Journal
October 12, 2009, 6:00 am

Mixing Open Source communities and corporate boardrooms is a lot like mixing nitroglycerin ‚Äî done properly, it produces unmeasurable good, but make a wrong move and the results won’t be pretty. Some companies, like Red Hat, are adept at successfully marrying the two, while other companies seem to spend more time than they should diving for the nearest bunker.

We here at the news-desk are fans of the near-omnipresent search giant that is Google, and we don’t mind saying so. However, though we don’t play much poker, we know a spade when we see one, and we’re not afraid to call it when we do. One such spade comes in the form of events that played out over the past few weeks with regard to the company’s Open Source darling, Android…

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