January 24, 2006

dotDefender 2.0 for Solaris and Linux Web servers

sherifgg writes "Applicure announced today the release of dotDefender 2.0 for Solaris and Linux Web servers. dotDefender secures websites against a broad range of HTTP-based attacks, including Session attacks (e.g. Denial of Service, Session Hijacking), Web application attacks (e.g. SQL injection, Cross-site scripting, and known attack signatures), as well as requests originating from known attack sources (e.g. spammer bots and compromised servers).
dotDefender installs within moments on the Web server, along with a rule-base that stays current via “live update” functionality - enabling dotDefender to protect the Web environment from the moment it is deployed with virtually no administrator intervention.
Based on Applicure’s groundbreaking Totalshield technology, dotDefender is a cost-effective web protection solution that does not strain or impact the existing network. It supports Apache, IIS and Sun Java System (iPlanet) Web servers. A 30-day free evaluation period version is available for download at www.dotDefender.com"

Link: applicure.com

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