June 28, 2002

DotGNU quarterly meeting: June 29-30th on IRC

It's time for the Quarterly DotGNU IRC Meet-a-thon. As usual,
we'll be having it on #dotgnu on irc.openprojects.net. We will be
discussing the current state of DotGNU, where we've gone and where we
should be headed. Anyone who is interested should join us. In
particular, we are not only looking for developers to be involved in
this meet, but also potential DotGNU users. We are very interested in
addressing any questions/input from anyone who will one day use our
So come one, come all. The last meet was a lot of fun and we
expect this this IRC meet will be even better than the last. Again, the
IRC meet is taking place on:

Server: irc.openprojects.net
Channel: #dotgnu

The meeting will run for a 36 hour period from 22:00 UTC
Saturday 29 July 2002 until 10:00 UTC Monday 31 July.
Every 4 hours will be an official meet time, when the
major DotGNU members will be online.

Note: due to budget constraints and the general laws of physics, we
can't provide food or lodging to anyone wishing to join in. You'll have
provide that yourself.

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