DotGNU’s Sugar to speak at Wednesday N.Y. GNUbies meeting


Author: JT Smith

We are pleased to announce that our speaker for the August 8, 2001
meeting will be David Sugar. David Sugar is known throughout the GNU
community for his work on Bayonne, Common C++ and now for having been
appointed to head up the DotGNU project.

He has headed the GNU/Linux telephony server project, Bayonne, since
inception and has written most of its code. One of the topics he will
discussing at our meeting will be GNU/Linux telephony.

More recently he has drawn attention since he was appointed the head of
DotGNU project, which will, among other things, aim to provide a secure
decentralized approach to Authentication/Authorization for “web
while aiming for greater user control over information provided. This
help to prevent a single company from gaining control of the means for
accessing resources on the net. DotGNU will be the second topic he
deal with in his presentation entitled “GNU/Linux telephony and DotGNU

As always, the meeting will be free and open to the public.

The details are:

Date: Wednesday, August 8, 2001
Time: 6:30 – 7:00 General Q&A;
7:00 David Sugar

Title: GNU/Linux Telephony and DotGNU for You.
Location: The IBM Building
590 Madison Ave.
(57th Street and Madison Ave.)
New York City, N.Y.

We look forward to seeing you there.

The GNU/Linux/Free OS Beginners’ Group

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