January 31, 2005

DotMepis: New MEPIS Community Site Launches

Josh King writes "DotMepis, the newest addition to the MEPIS Linux community, is proud to announce the official launch of their site at DotMepis.org

Josh King, Lead Administrator for DotMepis.org, explains the goal of the new website:âDotMepis is about putting the community first. We hope to help foster positive involvement with MEPIS for users of all experience levels. We have areas for distributing user contributed software packages, submitting news or âhow-toâ articles, showing off screen shots and other images, and getting help for MEPIS Linux. If we don't have something you want, let us know and we will work to make sure it is provided for you.â

To celebrate the event, DotMepis has partnered with MEPIS LLC and MepisLovers to sponsor the Simply My MEPIS contest. The âSimply My MEPISâ contest consists of two categories, written submissions and graphical works. The written entries can be on either of two topics, âWhy MEPIS is the best desktop Linux for meâ orâHow I use MEPIS Linuxâ and they must consist of 500 words or more. Graphical entries can be in the form of wallpapers, icon sets, or web style advertising banners. Submissions will be accepted until 11:59PM (CST) 17 February 2005 with the winners being announced on 19 February 2005. The winner in each of the two main categories will receive a 6 month MEPIS Linux download subscription and a MEPIS Linux T-shirt (once available). More details can be found at DotMepis.

About DotMepis.org:
DotMepis.org is a web community that provides a range of support and resources for developers, content creators, and especially users of MEPIS Linux. DotMepis is user focused and is operated independently from MEPIS LLC and MepisLovers."

Link: dotmepis.org

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